Sunday, April 25, 2010

WOW I can neglect a blog!!

Well Hello!
It seems I have forgotten that I started a blog! Either that or life is not that interesting!! Which do you think? Ok you are right, I forgot! Because life has been fun these past 2 years that I have neglected to post.
Just to hit some highlights...Caitlin has finished high school and started college, Caitlin and Alex flew the coop and visited Europe last spring, Butch and I took a trip to Vegas and Nelson has grown 2 feet!!
I am still working nights as a doula. Babies are great, I love my job. But the wacky sleep schedule seems to catching up with me these days. And it has spilled over to affect Nelson's sleep schedule as well. He is messed up!! Big time!! The past 2 years of cheer have been great. He has cheered with TNT Allstars for the past 2 years and loved it. Not sure what is in store for him this year. We are in limbo as to what he will do, he is thinking about taking the year off cheer to get back into swim. We will see...
I am still doing horse shows and G.S. day camp. (this is much to my dismay at times!!) I am not saying it is my last year this time though, I say that every year and here I am...
If I don't say it this year, maybe I will do better to give it up!! Time will tell. And in that time I will practice, No, No, No. nooooo!!
Also new to my life is my wonderful new laptop! My Macbook Air! The best ever, even though everybody advised against it!! I LOVE it!! And Facebook!!! I LOVE it too!! It has made it so nice to keep in touch with family and friends! Not to mention the games!! I am addicted!!
Well, that is my blog post for now! I hope to stay in touch this time. No promises but surely it wont be another 2 years!! :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Well I was getting ready to pat myself on the back for blogging twice in the same month...but it is May now so I missed that!! But I am back for this new blog. Not a whole lot to say, I've been working a lot. Things have slowed down a little the past few weeks I've only had to work 5 or 6 nights a week! A great job though so I am not complaining! The kids are doing good. We cleaned house yesterday so my sister-in-law and her 2 kids could come over for dinner. Slaved all day and hardly made it out of the kitchen/living room area. Tells you a little about how bad my normal house cleaning habits are! Anyway, with the kids help the main part of the house was very nice. I was even proud! Oh, and part of that cleaning process was spent putting the pantry back together. My sister-in-law, Vicki, showed me a product called Shelfinator. It is great stuff. If you have wire shelving in your pantry nothing beats it! It is a shelf liner to make it solid across, really works! So that was one project to be completed.
Enough about house cleaning! Caitlin has 2 dance recitals and a piano recital coming up this month. That stuff is keeping her pretty busy. She will be dancing a solo to the Beatles song, Come Together, if she gets it choreographed!!
OOPS, silly me. I need to be off to work in a few mins. so I guess this is it for tonight!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am Such a Slacker!!

I know,I know I never spend enough time on here! But I am here today! Not for long but long enough to Blog in honor of Earth Day! And I also I just wanted to let others share in my pain. I have created another monster by allowing my once quiet, sweet, innocent little girl read the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich. She wont stop...she finished the first three books in less then a week! The good news is that she walks around the house now laughing out loud, just thinking about what is happening in the books! They are great fun to read! The bad part is...just don't try to talk to her or have the gall to think she can get something else done. House work, school work...who needs that! Anyway, it is time to haul the devil brother off to the torture palace, TNT (his new cheer and tumbling gym!)

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Pride Soars!

Just want to let everybody know the piano recital was very nice! Caitlin did a beautiful job on all 4 of her songs. She played a duet of "Silent Night" with her friend, Maura that was simply excellent! Caitlin also did a great job on her solo which was changed from "Joy to the World" to "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" on Tuesday, just 31/2 days before the recital! So Tuesday was the first time she ever played the new solo! I think that showed a lot of confidence from her teacher. It was truly a night to treasure. I am proud! Very Proud!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Buna Family Gathering

This title refers to our family all getting together over the holiday break. We will be invading Buna Texas this year. Part of the family lives there so we decided that other members of the family will travel to this location for fun, food and festivities. So of us will be coming from Georgia, some from the great state of Missouri and many others will arrive from other parts of Texas. We will see if the small town of Buna can survive the "gathering"! At the request of my oldest niece we decided to draw names for a secret santa gift giving this year. What a load of fun! Even thought it is driving me (and Nelson) crazy not knowing who has who. It is so much fun, I will vote it as a new tradition. It is hard having family so far away. This has added even more excitement to getting us all together. I am so looking forward to the gathering. And now that I am thinking about it we will have a new member to initiate with another family tradition, the great family amazing race! I wonder what the activities can be this year?!? This tradition is a story in it's self but it will have to come at another time because I am very tired! So I will return soon...well, hopefully soon.

I guess it's time

Ok, Ok, I guess I am not really good at this! I just don't think about writing things down. I try.
Anyway, so what has been going on with the family since my last post? Obviously not too much or I would have been here sooner. Right? Aside from the normal running between dance practice 3 times a week, tumbling and cheer 3 times a week, we have added piano lessons once a week. Caitlin has been wanting to take piano lesson for several years and I guess I finally ran out of excuses to say no, not now! I should have given in years ago! She loves it. She has her first holiday piano recital this Friday night. She will be playing 4 songs! I am proud of her already, of course I only hear her practicing every now and then so I will have to let you know after Friday if the pride is still there!
Back to dance for a minute...Caitlin's dance Co. had their Nutcracker Performance last weekend. It was a huge success. Caitlin was in her element for sure! Butch and I were in both shows as party parents and we were not half bad ourselves. It turned out to be worth all the weekend practices we attended!
It was great fun. They are really a great group of people at the Cumming Ballet Theater.
Nelson has added going to physical therapy twice a week to our schedule these days. Due to what turns out to be defective ligaments (we looked into returning him but it didn't pan out), he has been have pain and dysfunctions with his shoulders. This has led us to the Phys. Therapist to work on the right muscles that will take up the slack for the ligaments. He should be looking pretty buff soon!
Well, all that along with the Dr. visits Butch and I racked up these past few months and the Vet visit for Biscuit, I think that about covers it for the family drama!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


She talks about posting more often and then what? You guys should leave a comment asking when she is going to write a new post.

The Sneaky Husband

Monday, September 24, 2007

blogging more often

Hey I think I just figured it out! Blog more often and the entries may be shorter! I think I was missing that. Now that Butch has put the link on our home page and it is easier to get to and also a good reminder MAYBE I will visit more often...we shall see!

It's about Time

Okay so I am not any better than before! Thats what happens when you are a busy person! Okay so maybe not that busy but scattered anyway! However, I am back for another exciting entry on the family blog. Maybe things are not really exciting enough around here to keep up a blog. I will go ahead and try to get everything up to date though. Back in April I got MY first car! A 2004 Honda Element and I love it! It is my favorite color ORANGE. It is great. The kids and I took it to Missouri in May, for my niece, Stacey's, wedding which went great! The trip was a blast in the element. Butch flew out a few days later to meet us for the wedding. A few days after the main event the 4 of us left Missouri and headed for Tunica Mississippi, where Butch hit the poker rooms and the kids and I found other stuff to do! There happens to be a great museum there about the history of the Mississippi River. We spent a whole day there. We spent time enjoying the hotel room, too. It was a very fun and relaxing vacation for us, but after a few days in Tunica we had to hit the road again homebound.

Things were pretty normal after that for most of the summer. We attended Girl Scout Day Camp in mid July. By the way, if you don't already know this is Nelson's favorite week of summer! I have said, "this is the last year I am working day camp" for at least three years now, but Nelson always talks me into doing it again...he loves it and has a blast spending the week exploring every inch of the camp, swimming, canoing and seeing what kinds of trouble he can find. This year he swam across the lake and back (about 1/2 mile) fully clothed in jeans and t-shirt because he didn't WANT to wear or bring his swim suit. "I'm not going to swim today" is what I heard almost everyday that week, but had to deal with soaking wet clothes and shoes 4 out of the 5 days!

After day camp my niece and nephew Alex (17) and Zach (13) came from Texas to visit us for a week. We had a great time with them here. We spent 2 days downtown Atlanta being tourists. We took a night time tour of the city on Segways. What a blast! After a week with the cousins we had to take them home to Texas and to make it "worth the trip" the kids and I stayed for most of the month of Aug.! It was great, but very hot. We visited the Corpus Christi area family members and went to Fiesta Texas, visited the Alamo and the riverwalk of San Antonio. Also a blast!

Now we are back home and still trying to get things back to normal...normal? Whatever! Without notice the month of September is coming to a close and my head is still spinning! The kids are back to most of their activities...Dance and piano lessons for Caitlin and Cheer for Nelson along with some outdoor activities like tree climbing, canoe trips and some rock climbing. He is also contemplating going back to dance. I am contemplating going crazy!!

Well, that pretty much brings us up to date, on the kids anyway. Butch and I are both keeping busy with work. Butch is also busy shopping for a motorcycle in his spare time and filling the rest playing poker. I have started taking a new mind, body and soul many people do you know get sore from a relaxation class? Well, you count me! I have my class 3 times a week and follow it with walking a mile or Dr. thinks I need to exercise and lose weight. I think she is right! So I am trying to get started on that! And that about covers everything I think. So until next time...whenever that may be!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Caitlin's new Do!

OK, OK, so I've neglected my blog! Sorry I will try to do better. ANYWAY...

Caitlin has a new do! Isn't it cute! (Mug shots and all.)

And then there is Teddy with his "Pre-new Do"!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Welcome to the Blog

Well, here it first blog! I am so excited to get started. If I only have the time...

The family is keeping me very busy, as usual. Between them and work I am not sure where I am suppose to be, when I am suppose to be there or what I am doing when I get there! We are always on the move around here.

I guess I will start with getting to know the family. There are 4 of us. Butch, the husband/dad, me, the mom, and the 2 offspring. The female one, who we refer to as Rani (Caitlin), has just turned 16. The male comes next known as Nelson, who is 11 working on 12 soon. ( But not soon enough for him!) As a family we are homeschooling for the 6th year now. With plenty of out side activity. There are mounds of dance costumes around our house, mixed with a few cheer uniforms, Karate uniforms, Scout uniforms and the occasional soccer shoe, baseball/softball glove and horse saddle. Not all are still in use of course, thank goodness. But plenty of it to keep me on the run.

What is still in use...we have the dance shoes for both kids, cheer and tumble shoes for Nelson, stretch clothes for both, Girl Scout books (and cookies) for Caitlin, work shirts for Caitlin, and barn boots for them both. Semi-retired we have the horse saddle and karate uniforms.
Things left to gather dust are the soccer shoes, softball gloves and the female karate uniforms.

Well, duty calls and I am off to work for the night. I will try to continue on tomorrow.